SmartKey Locker Touch

– Keep larger objects secure –

SmartKey Locker systems are the ideal solution for securing, controlling and tracking larger objects.

SmartKey Lockers are ideal for:

  • Laptops/tablets
  • Weapons
  • Cell phones
  • Medications
  • Personal items
  • Cash trays
  • Data terminals
  • Hand-held radios

SmartKey Locker systems are the ideal solution for securing, controlling and tracking larger objects. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface and enhanced access control integration capabilities, SmartKey Lockers let users manage laptop computers, cash trays and other restricted items efficiently and securely. Lockers can be set up as a personal storage space for one or multiple users, and like all Morse Watchmans solutions, they are customizable and scalable. It’s just one more way Morse Watchmans continues to use outside-the-box thinking – right inside the box.

Like all Morse Watchmans asset control solutions, SmartKey Locker systems are engineered for complete interactivity with your other business systems. By designing the KeyWatcher Touch to be integration friendly, Morse Watchmans makes it possible to integrate our system with a wide range of access control systems and other products. For example, by integrating your SmartKey Locker system with your access control system, your access control system will know which users are in the facility and which are not. A user who has taken an object from a SmartKey Locker can be denied egress from the facility until the object is returned – and selected management can be alerted automatically via email or text message if an item has not been returned.

By designing SmartKey Locker systems with the ability to communicate across systems, Morse Watchmans helps our customers maintain best-in-breed security solutions without the need to overhaul or replace costly installations. SmartKey Locker systems have a built in Ethernet port for network connectivity.

It’s easy to expand scalable SmartKey Locker systems as your needs grow. Start with a single cabinet, or configure your system with multiple cabinets. Designed with scalability in mind, each additional unit can be controlled by a single console and monitored by the advanced TrueTouch software.

Modular, Scalable Design Lets You Customize Your KeyWatcher System

From a single key management system to multiple key control cabinets holding hundreds of keys, it’s easy to expand KeyWatcher as your needs grow. Each additional unit can be controlled by a single console and monitored by the advanced KeyPro software.

The KeyWatcher key box cabinet can hold keys of almost any size, including Folger Adam keys. Plus, the systems are capable of incorporating additional lockers for valuable items. Available modules include 16-key, 8-key, 6-key, card, and a variety of locker sizes. These key modules can be customized in a wide range of cabinet sizes.

Radio Locker
SingleLocker Module
PC Locker
Dual Locker Module

Key Control Data from SmartKeys

Keys are secured to a SmartKey which features an identification microchip and 1/8″ stainless steel locking ring for additional security and functionality. When a Morse Watchmans smart key is inserted into a KeyWatcher key slot, identification chip data is stored and then retrieved after a key is properly accessed. Users can only access microchip keys from the cabinets with a proper user code, as designated by their security managers.

SmartKeys are available in several different colors (black, brown, white, grey, red, yellow, blue, and green). This allows for keys to be organized by color, which can be useful when utilizing several KeyWatchers in a facility, or designating one group of keys from another within the system.

SmartKeys work great when used with our tamper proof key rings (KeyWatcher Touch users can also use SmartKeys with our SmartKey Reader system). Using KeyRings with replaceable hub technology allows for a SmartKey to securely hold larger rings of keys, or larger keys like Folger Adam keys.

SmartKeys help make KeyWatcher an easy-to-use key control system. The Random Key Return feature allows users to return keys to any open location in the cabinet and the system will remember the new location for that key. This avoids confusion or misplacement error – a real time saver and convenience to each user. There is also an option available for users who prefer keys to be returned to their original location.

KeyWatcher TrueTouch Software

KeyWatcher TrueTouch key inventory software comprises the KeyWatcher TrueTouch client interface and the KeyWatcher Server for enhanced administration and control of the KeyWatcher Touch system.

KeyWatcher TrueTouch client interface is designed to run all programming, remote functions and reports for up to 10 KeyWatcher Touch locations. Add users from a global list and all specific settings (added or modified) will be automatically synchronized across the system. Quick profiles can be assigned for improved user control. Administrative access levels are designed to allow reports only or alarms only in addition to the five system administration levels.

Generate TrueTouch reports in landscape or portrait format with color interspaced lines for easy reading. Reports can be scheduled to automatically email, print or save.

The KeyWatcher TrueTouch Server is designed for installation on a dedicated computer and can be connected to a KeyWatcher via a network connection or a USB. The server is the main interface for the client software and performs all synchronizations of transactions as well as maintaining the SQL database. Both access control systems and customized client control software interface with the server application.

It’s all done with the express intent of addressing your specific security needs with the most cost-effective, end-to-end solutions. Contact Morse Watchmans today and find the solution to all your security management needs.

Key Inventory Software Features

  • Auto-sync for automatic updates of KeyWatcher systems as changes are made.
  • New “Profiles” feature for quicker, easier programming of users.
  • Profiles to quickly assign users key and group permissions, access level, and many other settings.
  • New, easier to read reports utilize color and include more information.
  • All reports can be saved in PDF and CSV file formats

OnGuard Integration

SmartKey Locker Touch is now certified for use with the Lenel’s OnGuard® access control system, enabling seamless functionality between the systems. With the integration module supplied by Morse Watchmans, end users are able to manage their SmartKey Locker system configuration for access, storage and tracking of keys through Lenel OnGuard Software

  • Easily add/modify/delete cardholders from your SmartKey Locker Touch
  • Link changes in cardholder badge data to the appropriate user
  • Assign users to SmartKey Locker sites according to their OnGuard access levels
  • Associate site profiles with OnGuard access levels
  • Transmit SmartKey Locker TrueTouch alarms and transactions via OnGuard alarms
  • Configure card format used with OnGuard to pass the correct badge data to the SmartKey Locker TrueTouch Server
  • Utilize an anti-egress control feature that prevents the user from leaving an area when a specified asset is held, or that allows the user further access to a different area when holding the specified asset

C•Cure 9000 Integration

Morse Watchmans’ SmartKey Locker Touch integrates with C•CURE 9000 Software to help users manage personnel, credentials and assets more effectively and efficiently. Whether working from the C•CURE 9000 Administration Station or the SmartKey Locker Touch, administrators can streamline the process of securing, controlling and monitoring keys and other assets for their facility. Integrate now to help deepen your security infrastructure while reducing costs at your site.

  • Add/modify/delete personnel from your SmartKey Locker Touch
  • Link changes in personnel credential data data to the appropriate user
  • Assign users to SmartKey Locker sites according to their C•CURE 9000 clearances
  • Associate SmartKey Locker site profiles with C•CURE 9000 clearances
  • Transmit SmartKey Locker TrueTouch alarms and events via C•CURE 9000 alarms
  • Configure credential format used with C•CURE 9000 to pass credential data to the SmartKey Locker True Touch Server
  • Assigned time restriction to groups in profiles based on C•CURE 9000 schedules
  • Prevent users from leaving an area when specified assets are held
  • Enable access to specific areas when the user is holding a specified asset

Pro-Watch® Integration

SmartKey Locker Touch supports integration with Honeywell Pro-Watch security management suite. With this integration, administrators can simplify management of access privileges, user data and events using a single point of control for both systems.

  • Add/modify/delete SmartKey Locker users using Pro-Watch
  • Add/modify/delete badge data from cardholder to the appropriate SmartKey Locker user
  • Automatically sync changes in user and card data from Pro-Watch to the SmartKey Locker Touch system
  • Assign SmartKey Locker Site Profiles to Pro-Watch clearances
  • Associate SmartKey Locker users to SmartKey Locker sites based on their Pro-Watch clearances
  • Remove user clearances from one site, multiple sites, or from the entire system using Pro-Watch
  • Select which SmartKey Locker alarms and transactions get passed to Pro-Watch via events
  • Anti-egress feature can prevent users from leaving the facility if they have certain SmartKeys checked out

Symmetry Integration

Morse Watchmans’ SmartKey Locker Touch now integrates with AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management Software, streamlining security and eliminating the need to program SmartKey Locker Touch users who are already in the Symmetry system.

  • Add/modify/delete cardholder data from SmartKey Locker using the Symmetry cardholder’s add/mod/deletes
  • Add/modify/delete badge data from cardholder and sync changes to the correct SmartKey Locker user
  • Assign SmartKey Locker users to SmartKey Locker sites based on their Symmetry access codes
  • Link SmartKey Locker site profiles to Symmetry access codes
  • Configure which SmartKey Locker TrueTouch alarms and transactions that get passed to Symmetry via events and alarms
  • Configure Card Format used with Symmetry to pass correct badge data to the SmartKey Locker TrueTouch server
  • Configure an anti-egress feature that keeps the user from leaving an area when holding an asset and that can also allow further access to a different area when the asset is held

Inner Range Integriti Integration

  • Synchronize Integriti user information with TrueTouch
  • Manage/view key reservations through Integriti
  • Integrate SmartKey Locker alarm and event information with Integriti

Inner Range Integriti Integration

  • Add/modify/delete SmartKey Locker users and their privileges using EBI
  • Edit users’ SmartKey Locker Site and Profile using EBI
  • Automatically synchronize changes in user and card data from EBI to the SmartKey Locker Touch system
  • Monitor SmartKey Locker cabinet statuses from EBI
  • Receive SmartKey Locker alarms and events as EBI alarms or events, and use these for further actions (e.g., CCTV)
  • Prevent users from exiting site and/or moving to other areas while holding objects retrieved from the SmartKey Locker