Government & Military Key Access Control

Embassies, consulates, and military bases are some of the best-protected government facilities in terms of physical security. As with other standard operating procedures within the military, there is a written policy for the management of keys, access cards, and handheld devices. For example, army key control or army fleet management is usually handled by a custodian who keeps a physical record of key usage and motor pool operations. In support of today’s stringent military standards, Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch are replacing manual procedures with automated control and real-time accountability.

Simple Military Key Access Control & Reporting—No Logs or Forms

Your military key access control administrators can easily manage permissions and audit any key’s current status or transaction history on demand or by a set schedule. By using military key logging software, custodians can generate effective management reports that trace key movements by time, date, and user code. These audit reports also track overdue keys, inconsistent key usage, and database listings highlighting the system’s programming. This ensures you can always get the information you need when you need it without having to sift through stacks of paperwork.

Custom Military Key Cabinet Modules Secure More Than Just Keys

One of the attributes that make military key management systems so useful is their ability to be customized. SmartKey Locker modules can be configured for the specific application, such as plastic key card slots or large lockers for laptops, weapons, and handheld radios. Our military key access control systems work seamlessly with common access cards (CACs) and fleet gas cards, and also offer biometric identity verification options for added security. Transitioning from a legacy key control policy can be accomplished with minimal disruption to your military operations.

Government Building Key Management Systems with a Tough, Vandal-Resistant Design

Authorized off-site personnel can access the system remotely and even receive SMS1 and e-mail alerts if a key becomes overdue. Our military key control cabinets are constructed with rugged stainless steel, available with either stainless steel or high-impact polycarbonate clear-front doors. Each cabinet or key module is designed with a tamper-proof mechanism that will sound an alarm if the unit is damaged, if incorrect codes are repeatedly entered, or if the door is open for an extended period.

Government Building Key Access Control Systems with Top Class Technical Support

All products are backed by an industry-leading warranty and free lifetime technical support. Contact Morse Watchmans today and simplify key tracking while improving security, reducing paperwork, and eliminating lost keys and other assets at your site.

Municipal Building Key Management

Key management systems are commonly used across the country in municipal buildings, such as police stations, administrative offices, museums, libraries, and more. Keys used for public buildings, municipal vehicles, and alarm boxes can be secured using Morse Watchmans automated key control systems. Municipal building key management systems are designed to safely store keys when not in use and, when accessed, provide a data trail for auditing purposes.

Audit Municipal Building Key Activity
The KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch building key management systems let you instantly audit any key so you can determine who took it out last, if it is overdue, and its transaction history. You can also generate scheduled reports on keys or users for accountability purposes. All data is automatically recorded by the system, so you never have to worry that staff might forget to sign out a key on retrieval. By maintaining control over who can access keys and having an automated audit trail of all key access activity, municipalities can be better prepared for emergency situations.

Access Control Integration with Existing Employee Identification
Many municipalities have turned to facility key management systems because they provide a higher level of access control, secure key storage, and allow management to program user restrictions. With facility key management systems, authorized personnel can simply use their existing ID badges or other verification options to retrieve and return keys, while administrators can fine-tune access privileges according to the individual user, key, and shift.

Streamlined Key Removal & Return Settings
Administrators can also associate user groups with individual key cabinets, so there’s never a long line of personnel waiting to access a single unit. If authorized, employees can even retrieve keys from one cabinet and return them to another at the end of the day. When keys are not returned when scheduled, e-mail alerts can be sent to management to allow quicker action.

Custom Modules for Municipal Building Key Management Systems
A modular, scalable design lets your facility key management system adapt to your needs and protect credit cards, laptops, and a range of other valuables. Perfect for public and office environments, both KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch protect all your assets within an all-steel, vandal-resistant housing, and offer alarm functionality and e-mail/SMS1 alerts to keep administrators up to date on key status.

icon-pdfCase Study: Cincinnati’s Metropolitan Sewer District Relies on KeyWatcher® for Fleet Management.

Correctional Facility Key Control

Whether it’s a municipal, state, or federal correctional facility, providing a secure environment for inmates, staff, and the public is a top priority for correctional facility administrators. Establishing proven operational procedures, including prison or jail key control, is a critical step to help ensure physical security. For correctional facilities and detention centers, another way to enhance safety and security is through the use of automated guard tour systems.

Prison & Jail Key Storage Systems Heighten Accountability
Key management solutions offer access control and accountability by providing jail key storage and tracking. Guards and authorized users have access to specific jail key cabinets only as approved by the system administrator. For example, day shift personnel are not able to access cell keys outside of their regularly scheduled working hours, and they do not have access to keys to unauthorized pharmacy or medical areas. Keys must be returned to the KeyWatcher electronic key cabinet and can never be exchanged between personnel, as the system will notate that a key was not returned or returned by another user.

Correctional Facility Key Rings Offer Convenience
New technology has also allowed multiple prison keys to be stored on a single key ring. Tamper-proof locking mechanisms and unique identification systems offer the flexibility to add or remove prison keys without destroying the key ring. The tamper-proof key rings can also be conveniently stored in key control and management systems for access by authorized users with their assigned pass codes.

Custom Prison & Jail Key Cabinet Modules Secure Handheld Devices
Storage locker cabinets operate under the same premise as the key storage systems. Available in various sizes and configurations, they are becoming more common in correctional institutions as a method for securing, controlling, and tracking valuable items such as weapons, notebook-type computers, cell phones, and more.

Guard Touring Systems Mitigate Risk & Enhance Efficiency
PowerCheck guard tour systems help ensure that correctional officers are making the rounds and provide backup documentation. In addition to acting as an automated supervisor, the guard tour system allows management to better monitor the security officer’s performance and help prevent costly losses.

Handheld data recorders allow security personnel to input incident codes while on tour using a built-in keypad and display. Paperwork can be eliminated with programmable incident codes that can be downloaded to a computer. While on rounds, security officers can also use these handheld devices to check into key stations located throughout the facility.

Touring systems can offer even more productivity benefits when reporting software is used. And because the information can be custom organized, management can more readily identify infractions and take the necessary action to resolve the situation.

We keep making key management better for correctional facilities. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.

icon-pdfCase Study: Lubbock County Detention Center Utilizes Key Control Systems.

Casino Key Management

Casinos are in the business of gambling, but the one thing they do not gamble on is security. That is why most casinos in Las Vegas and around the world rely on Morse Watchmans’ key management solutions. Our casino key control systems provide the higher level of key security needed to protect drop boxes, counting rooms, and other critical areas of the casino. A KeyWatcher casino key management system adds to operational efficiencies while also enhancing the safety and security of the overall environment.

Casino Key Control Systems Offer More Security

The casino key control system’s doors will not open until it verifies that the user has permission for the specific key or key ring requested. This provides a double layer of security, unlike competitors’ systems. When access is requested for a specific key that requires multiple signatures, the system recognizes these keys by their identification fob and auto-prompts for the additional log-ins.

Casino Key Management Software & Gaming Compliance

Our key control software enables set-up of many types of reports, including many required by state gaming agencies and tribal gaming agencies. For example, to meet gaming regulations that require the three-man rule to access sensitive or restricted key sets, the casino key management system can be programmed to recognize these keys and only release them once the three required logins are complete. The robust reporting system will also help track and improve processes, ensure employee honesty, and minimize security risks.

Convenient, Networked Casino Key Security Systems

Save time, reduce training, and overcome language barriers with the instant key release. Our electronic key cabinets recognize credentials and release specific keys or key sets immediately, cycling through available sets so that each gets equal usage. KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch key control solutions are also network capable, allowing critical information about key activity to be communicated across multiple systems throughout the casino. System-wide efficiency is also enhanced when multiple locations are integrated with a common usage of databases and programming.

We keep making casino key management systems better. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.

icon-pdfCase Study: KeyWatcher Systems address casino and regulatory requirements.

School Campus & University Key Access Control

With the multitude of entrances and restricted areas found on a university or school campus, managing secure facility procedures presents unique challenges. To help facilitate campus safety, KeyWatcher university key access control systems can be installed to manage access to dorms, research labs, and administrative buildings.

Campus Key Access Control with Accountability

Students and faculty lose their keys, but with campus key access control systems from Morse Watchmans, you can keep a backup for every dorm, lab, or classroom. So, when a student stumbles home at 4:00 am without a key, one can be provided by an authorized individual. With “notes” functionality, it can be required that if any campus key is permanently removed from the electronic key cabinet, the transaction must be documented. Our campus key access control systems also keep server closets and computers safely locked, ensuring that student social security numbers, home addresses, and other sensitive data is protected.

Key Access Control Systems for Schools Prevent Expensive Re-Keying & Liability

The loss of one master key can easily cost a university $85,000 in re-keying. Make it easy to find the specific key needed and limit the use of masters to authorized individuals with a key access control system for schools. Keys for specific areas can be grouped on tamper-proof key rings, and an audit trail will ensure that the last person to use a key can be identified. Custom key control locker modules also help keep mobile devices and laptops safe in security departments or other sensitive locations.

Simplified Key Management for All School Departments

For campus security, administrative, and maintenance departments, Morse Watchmans suggests limiting the use of master keys. This helps protect sensitive information and valuable property, and maintains access for authorized individuals while also ensuring police and campus security can open every locked door during an emergency. With a variety of sizes, you can even provide outside contractors with credentials to access a specific KeyBank. For universities who contract custodial and other services, the cost savings more than cover the expense of the key control systems, while providing additional benefits.

No more lost masters, no more expensive re-keying

The loss of one master key can easily cost the university $85,000 in re-keying. Make it easy to find the specific key needed and limit the use of masters to authorized individuals with a key control system. Keys for specific areas can be grouped on color- coded KeyRings, and an audit trail will ensure that the last person to take out any keys can be identified. If a master is taken out and lost by an authorized individual, there is accountability as KeyWatcher’s audit trail will reliably identify that person.

School Bus & University Fleet Management Systems

Ensure that each campus vehicle is correctly utilized with university fleet management systems. Useful scheduling features ensure that older cars continue to get driven by security officers, campus police, and other drivers even when new cars are added to the fleet. Key reservations guarantee that a twelve-seater school bus will be available for the ten-member debate team and won’t already be in use by the five-person swim team.

Morse Watchman systems makes campus key management better. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.

icon-pdfCase Study: Design flexibility of KeyWatcher® System enables customized application for University of California San Francisco

Hospitality & Hotel Key Control

Although not usually visible to guests, hotel key control solutions provide guarded access to guest room keys, cards, cash boxes, and other valuable assets that may be kept on the premises. When the hospitality service provider’s goal is to deliver the best possible guest experience, an efficient method for controlling and accessing keys is a necessity.

Hotel Key Tracking Software & Reports

By integrating hotel key inventory software, facility managers can easily control reporting and program access capabilities. For example, when an employee has called in sick, and another staff member must cover for that individual, the manager can remotely authorize access to a KeyWatcher Touch rather than physically traveling to the site to release a key. Our hotel key control software can run activity reports and sort based on different criteria, allowing management to generate useful information to help mitigate access control issues.

Hotel Key Systems Generate Proven ROI

One metric used to determine hotel key system ROI is employee productivity. Consider the ROI when key control cabinets are installed on various floors of the hotel for the housekeeping staff. With hotel key systems, there is no more wasted time receiving assignments, signing key logs, and punching in or out, which can help save 12 to 15 minutes. Multi-language programming can further improve this process.

Convenient Key Access Control & Alerts

A pre-programmed access control card is all that is needed to access or return a key from the cabinet, and all key activity including the time and the individual’s name is automatically recorded. Alerts can be sent to the floor manager if an individual tries to remove a key that he or she is not authorized to use, or to leave the building without returning a key.

We keep making hotel and hospitality key management better. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.

icon-pdfCase Study: Establishing Key Card Technology at New York City’s Plaza Hotel

Data Center Key Access Control

Video surveillance, intrusion detection, and other physical security technologies are used extensively to help protect data centers, computer rooms, and equipment racks from outside threats. When integrated with data center key access control, these measures prevent entry for unauthorized personnel or those who would do intentional harm.

Data Center Physical Key Security Prevents Access to Computer Equipment

If you own or rent an individual server cage in a data center environment, you need to keep your equipment and data safe from physical threats. When maintenance is required, it’s critical that only authorized individuals have access to that hardware. Our KeyWatcher electronic key cabinets will not open until the system verifies that the user has specific permissions. This setting provides a double layer of server security – unlike competitors’ systems. These security systems can also be configured with card or biometric readers and networked for centralized control.

Server Room Key Control Systems Give Instant Notifications

Our data center key access control systems like the KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch have email and SMS1 auto notifications to alert you anytime someone accesses a key to your data center unit. A “notes” feature lets that individual provide a detailed message, so you know what work was performed. Individuals attempting to leave the restricted data room without first returning the key for the rack lock may be denied exit from the area. Or, the key management system may send an email alert to security advising that a key has not been returned as scheduled.

Server Room Key Management Systems with Efficient Tracking & Reporting

Tracking and reporting with TrueTouch and KeyPro key management software provides a record of everyone who removed a key, when it was removed, and when it was returned to the key cabinet. Reports can run and delivered automatically to management on a regular basis. The robust reporting system will also help to track and improve processes, ensure employee honesty, and minimize security risks. You can group keys on tamper-proof key rings to help organize key sets or speed removal of more than one key for a specific use.

Streamlined Data Center Key Access Control Procedures

Save time, reduce training, and overcome language barriers with the instant key release. KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch recognize credentials and release specific keys or key sets immediately to their users or groups while cycling through available sets so that each gets equal usage.

We keep making data center key management better. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.

1 SMS alerts available for KeyWatcher Touch only.

Fleet Key Management

Your vehicle fleet or motor pool may include hundreds – even thousands – of vehicles, each with at least one or more physical keys. Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher fleet key management systems help regulate and track vehicle usage while containing operational costs. Our key control systems protect all fleet keys and give you full visibility regarding who has which key, and which vehicle, at any time.

Fleet Key Management Systems Offer Convenience & Speed

Our fleet key management systems provide information on specific key returns and removals. Users can select from a list of notes pre-set by you and add their comments using the keyboard. Get keys in the hands of employees even faster with the quick release feature. A group release option lets you rotate group keys so your vehicles get equal use. Easy set-up lets key users either return keys to any KeyWatcher in the system or return keys to their original location.


Vehicle Key Management Systems Help Eliminate Avoidable Costs

Vehicle fleet keys are often an expensive replacement. Make it easy to find the specific key needed and limit loss with a vehicle key management system. Keys for specific fleet groups can be grouped on tamper-proof key rings and an audit trail will ensure that the last person to take out any keys can be identified. Unlike traditional key boxes that are often only a locked metal or wooden box, our key cabinets are constructed of high-gauge steel with polycarbonate windows that resist vandalism.

Simplified Fleet Key Control for Outside Contractors

Keep accountability even when it’s not your employees accessing the keys. With a wide variety of sizes, including eight-key systems, you can provide contractors with credentials to access a specific cabinet and make sure keys stay where they belong. The savings more than cover the cost of the systems, and knowing your keys are safe is priceless.

Real-Time Fleet Key Scheduling & Availability

Use scheduling to ensure that older cars continue to get driven even when new cars are added to the fleet. Key reservations guarantee that multi-seat vehicles will be available when needed for large numbers of passengers and won’t already be in use by a smaller group. Fleet key management software is available to optimize the installation, programming, customization, maintenance, and reporting capabilities of the system.

We keep making fleet key management better. It’s all part of our outside the box thinking – that you’ll find right inside the box.

icon-pdfCase Study: Cincinnati’s Metropolitan Sewer District Relies on KeyWatcher® for Fleet Management

Airport Key Access Control

Morse Watchmans offers the best in airport key access control, helping you secure and monitor entry to repair, maintenance, and other facilities, as well as the critical assets housed in these locations. The KeyWatcher and KeyWatcher Touch airport key control systems can be used to hold keys needed for access to sensitive areas of an airport, including ramps, operational spaces, and other security identification display areas (SIDA) restricted from the general public. These security systems also serve as a fleet management solution for airport shuttle services and ground staff.

Streamlined Airport Key Control Implementation & Reporting
Our airport key control solutions let administrators establish system-wide access privileges for personnel, individual keys, or work shifts in question. Supervisors or authorized staff can enable customizable email and SMS1 alerts on select systems to let them know when a key becomes overdue, if an alarm is triggered, and more. These key security systems let you audit the current status and transaction history of any key(s) on demand. You can also generate scheduled reports on current/past key or user transactions for reporting or internal purposes.

Airport Key Access Control Systems Secure More Than Just Keys
With Morse’s key control systems, you get a modular, scalable solution ideal for securing keys, weapons, and handheld devices that must be properly accounted for beyond security checkpoints. SmartKey Lockers provide employees with additional options for securing tools, laptops, and other larger valuables. Bigger facilities can also look to KeyBank or KeyBank Touch to streamline the management of hundreds or thousands of keys.

icon-pdfCase Study: United Airlines Jet Rebuild and Test Facility Keeps Track of Valuable Tools with Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher® System

Morse Watchmans - United Airlines Case Study

Automotive Dealership Key Management

Automotive dealerships and rental fleets have a need to track car key activity, reduce unauthorized access, and cut down on the misplacement of keys. One of the most secure options to address all these needs is a car dealership key management system designed to control access to keys in a vehicle lot, servicing bay, or inspection shop. Each key secured in a KeyBank Auto or KeyBank Touch system is attached to a locking device with a unique identification chip. Dealership keys are accessed and returned only by pre-authorized individuals using a PIN code or other identification methods (e.g., access cards, biometrics).

Car Dealership Key Management Eliminates Costly Losses
Monitoring dozens or hundreds of vehicles, lost keys, mystery mileage, and unexplained damage can lead to unnecessary expenses. Morse Watchmans’ dealership key storage systems help you track where all your keys are—and where they’ve all been—all in real time. These systems offer a tangible and proven ROI. For example, a typical car key costs approximately $100 to replace, and a remote key fob may cost as much as $480 to replace – costs that quickly escalate when incurred in a large dealership. Unauthorized vehicle use and damage can cost even more. Morse Watchmans’ dealership key storage systems can help quickly cut down or eliminate these issues.

Dealership Key Storage Systems Adapted to your Business Needs
Car dealership or rental lot managers can quickly audit the status and history of a single vehicle or whole fleet with a dealership key storage system from Morse Watchmans. Custom reports provide insight into model popularity, employee performance, vehicle use, and more, and the accumulated key usage data can be analyzed for both inventory and sales effectiveness. In addition, key control systems thwart dealership criminals who attempt to replace keys with a counterfeit after a test drive. In other cases, the key control system will alert management if an employee has kept a key out when it should be returned.

Faster, Better Service with Dealership Key Management Software
With key reservation functionality, sales staff meeting a customer for a test drive can be confident that the vehicle will be waiting for them at the scheduled time. For example, a salesperson engaged with a customer on the lot can simply log into the system on a tablet or mobile phone to see if keys are available for a test drive. No more wasted time looking for keys while the customer grows impatient. During day to day operations, key tracking software will receive automatic SMS1 and email alerts that inform them if a key becomes overdue.

Networkable & Scalable Car Key Storage Systems
Car key storage systems also offer robust networking functionality for efficient LAN access and network storage, as well as data synchronization for all systems on the network. Whatever your needs, both systems are expandable to grow with your business. Never lose another sale to missing keys again!

1 SMS alerts available for KeyWatcher Touch only.