Auto KeyBank Illuminated

KeyBank – Key Control Solutions

Control access to keys with the expandable, scalable KeyBank key management solution from Morse Watchmans. KeyBank provides efficient, secure key storage and tracking with complete, real-time accountability for up to 1800 keys.

Features and Options

  • Illuminated SmartKey locations
  • Up to 2,000 programmable user codes
  • Secure storage for up to 1,800 keys
  • Built-in internal card reader interface
  • 48-hour battery backup

KeyBank is ideal for:

  • All car key control
  • New and Used Car Dealerships
  • Service Departments
  • Rental Car Fleets

KeyBank Auto: The Key Tracking System for Car Dealerships

The KeyBank Auto is your answer to a total automotive key storage system. It offers constant reliable access and control. Keys are concealed in a hi-tech, efficient cabinet. This automotive key management system can expand to 1000 keys as your business grows.

The KeyBank Auto features KeyPro software with a special automotive mode that enables special features and functions such as listing SmartKeys by stock number.

KeyBank Auto Helps You To:

  • Never lose a sale because you can’t find the keys
  • Eliminate key and remote replacement costs
  • Eliminate the mess and hassles of pegboards and lock boxes
  • Dramatically reduce liabilities for theft and possibly reduce your floor plan insurance premiums
  • Reduce or eliminate mystery mileage and damage
  • Check the status and location of your vehicle inventory in real time, any time
  • Analyze vehicle demo histories to find slow movers
  • Analyze sales force performance on demo

Key Control Data from SmartKeys

Keys are secured to a SmartKey which features an identification microchip and 1/8″ stainless steel locking ring for additional security and functionality. When a Morse Watchmans smart key is inserted into a KeyBank key slot, identification chip data is stored and then retrieved after a key is properly accessed. Users can only access microchip keys from the cabinets with a proper user code, as designated by their security managers.

SmartKeys are available in several different colors (black, brown, white, grey, red, yellow, blue, and green). This allows for keys to be organized by color, which can be useful when utilizing several KeyWatchers in a facility, or designating one group of keys from another within the system.

SmartKeys help make KeyBank an easy-to-use key control system. The Random Key Return feature allows users to return keys to any open location in the cabinet and the system will remember the new location for that key. This avoids confusion or misplacement error – a real time saver and convenience to each user. There is also an option available for users who prefer keys to be returned to their original location.

Key Control Software from Morse Watchmans

Maximize Your Key Management System with KeyPro Software

KeyBank can operate as a stand-alone unit or in combination with Morse Watchmans KeyPro III™ Software to enhance installation, programming, customization, maintenance and reporting capabilities.

Morse Watchmans KeyPro III Performance Software provides extensive reporting options, centralized programming, advanced network capabilities, improved system communications, and realtime transaction polling. User-friendly graphical interface allows easy customization for quicker installations. For added security, the KeyBank system can be integrated with a magnetic, proximity or biometric reader.

KeyPro III Key Control Software Features

• Real-time Transaction Polling – A built-in scheduler automatically downloads all KeyWatcher data to centralized or remote computers.

• Maximized Network Capabilities – With KeyPro III’s networking capabilities, sensitive database files can be kept on a network server. This also allows for any installation of KeyPro III to have the ability to make changes and synchronize the data with the KeyWatcher system.

• Extensive Key Management Reporting – Reports can be generated based on specific key, user or alarm transaction. KeyPro provides comprehensive reporting methods, including the ability to sort by last name, first name, ascending and descending sequential order.

• Local Area Network Access – Accessibility to the key management systems over a LAN enables managers to perform functions on any KeyWatcher via TCP/IP.

Real-Time Reporting

Detailed, real-time management reports based on specific key, user and alarm transactions.

Generate Reports by:

  • Users
  • Keys in use
  • Keys removed
  • Keys overdue
  • …and Much More

Remote Access

Accessible by multiple administrators from remote locations via standard Internet connection.

Added Security

For added security, the KeyWatcher system can be integrated with a Magnetic or Proximity Reader.

Reliability and Support

Morse Watchmans offers an exclusive two-year warranty on all parts, free lifetime technical support and unlimited customer service on all its products.

Practical Management Reports

Vehicle History Report

  • Track how many times each car is demonstrated
  • Take the “mystery” out of mystery mileage and know who’s driven the vehicle while you were gone
  • If a car is damaged or returned dirty, you can see who drove it last

Vehicle Inventory Report

  • Determine vehicle status
  • Establish real time location of vehicles
  • Analyze fast/slow movers
  • Evaluate sales force demo performance

Employee History Report

  • Analyze number of demos
  • Know how many vehicles each employee has out on loan