LDAP/Active Directory Integration Module (Dealer)

The KeyWatcher Touch LDAP/Active Directory Integration feature allows for KeyWatcher users to be controlled from within LDAP/AD. Users can be automatically added, disabled or removed from the system, as well as assigned specific access to KeyWatcher’s and SmartKeys. Access to the TrueTouch client is also controlled via Single Sign On access to the software.

LDAP / Active Directory Integration Supports:

• Import, and manage Active directory Users directly from their Organizational units in KeyWatcher True Touch. Advanced users can assign profiles and key permissions to these groups providing significant efficiency in policy management of assets.
• Utilizing existing OU’s along with Security Groups, multiple associations per site can be made to tailor specific access to any organizational unit.
• When using Active Directory, change notifications are automatically signaled and generally synchronized within 2-minutes to the KW environment ensuring policy changes are immediately implemented.
• Utilizing the Auto Enrollment feature, new users will be automatically emailed a temporary login information for the KeyWatcher. Users can be made to change their PIN, enroll a card, and/or enroll their fingerprint upon their first login.
• Users added via the integration can be configured as fully managed by the integration, preventing changes to both personal and key access from within the TrueTouch client for data integrity.
• The TrueTouch client supports Single Sign On (SSO) – Allowing a user to enter the software utilizing their current windows login.

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